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Beginning to Grand Prix Riders


Lessons are available for all ages of riders. Smoke Tree Ranch has instructors for every level riding skill from the very first ride to upper division equitation riders and coaching for the Grand Prix riders. Every rider will be begin with private instruction at $75 per lesson. When a rider can demonstrate a specific level of comfort with the horses and the ability to groom and manage the ground work, they will progress to semi-private lessons. From this point, a rider may choose to move into a small group for instruction or continue in either the private or semi private class. Please allow 30 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson for grooming and "tacking" up the horse as well as 30 minutes after the lesson to cool down, groom  and put away equipment. All lessons are $75.


Personal riding equipment is not provided by Smoke Tree Ranch but will need to be purchased. Some helmets and the school horse equipment is provided including appropriate saddles, bridles, and grooming equipment.


Lesson Horses and Ponies

Smoke Tree Ranch is fortunate to  have many excellent  horses/ponies to begin your riding career with.   These horses are experienced veterans that have had  years of experience in Rated horse shows and in the lesson program. Your student will be assigned to a horse  based on that student's expertise. The horses and equipment are provided to you for lesson use by Smoke Tree Ranch. Dana Rutherford heads the lesson program and will teach you riding skills and take you to your first horse shows as well. Often Dana will elect to have an older student mentor the newer riders; it is a great teaching tool to allow older students to test their knowledge by assisting and teaching novice riders.


Working student positions occassionally become available at Smoke Tree Ranch for riders wishing to learn about the Equestrian Industry or to prepare for a possible future in this field.

Lesson Program Information

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